Weekly Tribes 2018: teachheart.org

 Here is another resource you definitely want to have on hand, to teach students to be caring and compassionate toward people, animals, and our planet. Each guide contains lessons and activities with all student materials included and ready to use.  Free to download. View the table of contents for the Justice for All Guide and prepare to be amazed and […]

Weekly Tribes 2018: Down Quotes

Put Downs. They are prevalent and resistant.   Check out this website for some inspiring quotes and possible writing topics. https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/down

Weekly Tribes 2018: Knowledge vs. Thinking

Here is 6 minutes of Neil deGrasse Tyson, reminding us that it is far more important to know HOW to think, rather than what to think.  Thank you Neil.

Weekly Tribes 2018: Watermelon

This is a great energizer, with no preparation necessary…also labeled “ESL teaching made easy”. Just add Tribes agreements and reflection!

Weekly Tribes 2018: Lum Sum Sum (energizer)

This is a great energizer for younger students.  Substitute any words you want students to repeat.  Add agreements and reflection!

Weekly Tribes 2018: Imagine, now Write!

This combination of energizers comes from Susan in Arizona, a professional development consultant and student in the current Tribes Basic Online Course (BOC).  Susan has written and produced two award winning children’s albums that use Music as Literature, Two ‘Read -With -Me’–‘Sing-With -Me ‘ activity books, and taught Creative Drama and math manipulative workshops for teachers […]

Weekly Tribes 2018: Kick Me

I know this doesn’t sound very Tribes-like, but I have your attention!  This site comes from Jonathan, an English teacher in Melbourne, Australia, and current student in the Tribes Basic Online Course (BOC).  Along with ‘Kick Me’ there are many other Tribes-like strategies for interactive learning.   The K20 Center provides short, sharp explanations of […]

Weekly Tribes 2018: Alike

This short film (8 minutes) comes to you from Nicole, a former student of the Tribes Basic Online Course. It is ‘inspiring’ on several different levels…at least to me.  It reminds me that not all humans are alike, and more importantly, neither should be our assignments or evaluations of students. So, how about something different […]

Weekly Tribes 2018: Pass the Beat Around the Room

Watch this ‘instructional’ video (2 and a half minutes), and add your own challenges or ideas. The facilitator mentions how you can use this for spelling.  Likely, you can think of ways to use it for language development, sequencing, learning facts, and math operations. Whatever the agenda, this energizer requires focus and attention – two […]

Weekly Tribes 2018: Make it Great

…and what better way than seeing Tribes featured in an Edutopia article, lest we forget the power of positivity!