Weekly Tribes 2017-2018: Circles

This particular link (submitted by Terry, a former student in the Tribes Basic Online Course) is 4 minutes of affirmation and information on why and how meeting in a community circle can change everything.  Notice there are several other great links to learn more about Restorative Circles. It is never too late to implement a community […]

Weekly Tribes 2017-2018: Power of Positivity

It’s October, and a time for the stage of ‘Influence’.  How we influence one another, and are influenced by what and who surrounds us. This one minute video gives a perspective and reminder of what we do, or not, to create positivity in our lives. Reflect. Appreciate. Be kind.

Weekly Tribes 2018-2017: Name Poem for Tribes

You all know the Name Poem for personal names…what if you use Tribes as the topic and incorporate what is happening in your classroom or school because of it? [You may or may not know that the fires in Northern California are right where the home of Tribes is.  Jeanne Gibbs and surrounding family were […]

Weekly Tribes 2017-2018: People React to Being Called ‘Beautiful’

This video link comes from a student in the current Tribes BOC (Basic Online Course, Mary McDonnell from Galway City, Ireland (teacher in Galway Educate Together National School). An important message and consideration for appreciation in our fast-paced world … I caution you to view before sharing with your students, there is some strong language.  Even […]

Weekly Tribes 2017-2018: From a Broken Past to a Bright Future

This comes from Amina, a teacher in Kuwait, and a student in the current Tribes BOC (Basic Online Course). Supporting the Tribes agreements, this is a four-minute video based on a Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold, metaphorically of starting again and becoming stronger, beautiful and unique. Students not only need to appreciate […]

Weekly Tribes 2017-2018: The Power of Words

This 30 second video packs a punch (pun intended). Supporting the Tribes agreements, and a reflective discussion, it is worth the watch.

Weekly Tribes 2017 – 2018: Agreements – start the year

This comes from Jamie, a Tribes teacher in Austin, Texas. Even if the school year has already started for you, there is always time for reviewing and defining the agreements.   As you know, they need to be more than pretty posters on the walls. When we introduce the idea of agreements, we have the […]

Weekly Tribes 2017-2018: One act of Kindness

This four minute video comes from Tawnya, a former student in the Tribes Basic Online Course. It is a message we have all read, heard, and watched before:  a simple act of kindness inspires more kindness. Another application for this video might be to have students look for the Tribes agreements.  Where do you see […]

Weekly Tribes 2017-2018: Community Building

Check out this link: http://www.law.umaryland.edu/programs/cdrum/documents/restorative_practices/Community_Building.pdf Using the community circle to build community, increase social capital, and prepare students for having a voice, these suggestions offer something for everyone – from low to high risk  (from inclusion to influence). Involve students in make the choice for the topic (transferring responsibility), and up your classroom management game as […]

Weekly Tribes 2017-2018: September Inclusion

Weekly Tribes is back to school! This little 2 minute video is a reminder for the importance of taking the time for inclusion. Starting next week, stay tuned for strategies and information on HOW to make inclusion happen.