Weekly Tribes April 2017: Constructivism and Technology Integration

This one-minute video is a handy reminder/check for how you might be using technology as a tool, rather than as an outcome.   What Tribes strategies might be done with technology? What’s in you wallet = what’s on your Chrome book? Something good = Something good I can share on my Chrome book. Finding all we […]

Weekly Tribes March 2017: Curiosita tic-tac-toe

For those of you who have enjoyed the ‘Curiosita’ connections in ‘Weekly Tribes’, and for those who want to get your (or your students’) Multiple Intelligences more present, check out this link.  A creative and clever challenge to ‘show what you know’, this tic-tac-toe assignment could be adapted for any subject.  Check out pages 148 – […]

Weekly Tribes March 2017: A ‘Curiosita’ Learning Experience

Another fantastic idea from the folks at ‘Curiosita” Check out this great strategy, ‘Think Tank‘. For a more Tribes-like approach, consider doing this in pairs or small groups…maybe even like a ‘people hunt’? Regardless, you will love the idea and your students will be engaged and challenged in a learning experience.

Weekly Tribes January 2017: Teaching in the Moment

A good read, and perhaps a good reminder: http://www.ascd.org/ascd-express/vol12/1207-aust.aspx

Weekly Tribes December 2016: Multiple Intelligences

  In case you are thinking, “oh yeah, I should do more Multiple Intelligences…”, here is a list of activities that speak to each intelligence, compliments of Martina, a current student from Ireland in the Tribes Basic Course (BOC)

Weekly Tribes October 2016: Teach Like This

  Click on this link: Teach Like This Lots of 1 – 3 minute videos on good teaching, instructional practices and strategies.  You will see some Tribes-like support here!

Weekly Tribes August 2016 – m&m inclusion

…or use Skittles or Jelly Beans or any candy with colors: This comes from Katie, an RSP teacher. Bring a good sized jar of m&m’s or any other delicious colored candy. Allow each person to take a few from the jar. Invite sharing as follows: Red = three adjectives that describe you Yellow = favorite […]

Weekly Tribes 2016: Real Classroom Ideas

School is winding down and the students are restless.  This website has plenty of ideas to offer for movement and (still) learning, this time of year.  It even gives Tribes a shout-out.

Weekly Tribes 2016: Managing an Active Classroom

Proven Techniques for Managing an Active Classroom – Some good tips as well as affirmation of the Tribes Agreements?!

Weekly Tribes 2016: Crossing the Midline

You have heard of the physical benefits of crossing the midline.  Here is a short video about the academic benefits!  Not only do you get some clever, motivating ways to incorporate your curriculum, you will also notice some Tribes agreements and collaborative skills modeled:  attentive listening, participating fully, appreciation, mutual respect, and problem solving, to name […]