Weekly Tribes January 2017: Teaching in the Moment

A good read, and perhaps a good reminder: http://www.ascd.org/ascd-express/vol12/1207-aust.aspx

Weekly Tribes November 2016: A Wish Jar

Wish Jar This comes from Aine, a teacher in Ireland and a current student in the Tribes BOC (Basic Online Course) We created a dream jar where they wrote their dreams and put it in a Roald Dahl BFG style jar. They had the choice to share it or tie it with a string and […]

Weekly Tribes November 2016: Video your students!

  This, again, comes from Brad Corbett in the Tribes BOC (Basic Online Course).  Three minutes of inspiration from his students, I hope you will be motivated to do something similar and send it to us at tribes@tribes.com. Just think of the possibilities! Thanks again Brad, and to your students and staff at Forest Trail […]

Weekly Tribes October 2016: Teach Like This

  Click on this link: Teach Like This Lots of 1 – 3 minute videos on good teaching, instructional practices and strategies.  You will see some Tribes-like support here!

Weekly Tribes September 2016 – 10 things that require zero talent

  Check it out here  See some similarities to the Tribes process?!  I can think of some discussion, reflection, and thoughtfulness that this might provoke among students and staff?!

Weekly Tribes August 2016: 2 by 10 Classroom Management

This strategy has been around for a while, but it is worth considering again…and again.  Read about it here. A few excerpts from the online article: Spend two minutes a day for 10 days having a personal conversation with the student. Talk about whatever topic interests him—sports, cars, family life, Legos, whatever—but keep discipline and […]

Weekly Tribes August 2016 – Start the Year

The following link is a great reminder for getting off to a positive and productive start. https://www.neamb.com/professional-resources/top-strategies-to-start-the-school-year-strong.htm Here is my translation to the Tribes process: Establish Ground Rules = Tribes agreements Consistency is Key = Reflective Practice Be Positive! = Build Inclusion!  (group development process)

Weekly Tribes 2016: Flexible Classrooms: Providing the Learning Environment that Kids Need

Check it out! Maybe a plan for next school year?! Better yet, get some great ideas from your students…’build a better classroom!’  

Weekly Tribes 2016: Managing an Active Classroom

Proven Techniques for Managing an Active Classroom – Some good tips as well as affirmation of the Tribes Agreements?!

Weekly Tribes 2015-2016: Teachers Compliments Students

Everyone should start their day like like! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UZ_lWr028o