Weekly Tribes Feb 2017: Karim Sulayman: I Trust You

  This video clip. Is a powerful 3 minute message. Mutual Respect No Put Downs Caring Safety HOPE

Weekly Tribes Jan 2017: Perspective and Understanding

What a week, here in the U.S.A. In light of the current mood and moodiness…and in the spirit of the Tribes process, this may be an appropriate and insightful activity. The objective here is to effectively build communication skills and support understanding of differing viewpoints.  This is not to change minds, but simply to model and […]

Weekly Tribes December 2016: Getting vs. Giving

Perhaps you are one of the more than 2 million to view this video.  I subbed yesterday in a middle school class with some challenging behaviors.  Their answers were just like those in the video!  Just another reminder to build relationships through sharing of ourselves and our experiences. Enjoy and share this wonderful little video. […]

Weekly Tribes December 2016: Multiple Intelligences

  In case you are thinking, “oh yeah, I should do more Multiple Intelligences…”, here is a list of activities that speak to each intelligence, compliments of Martina, a current student from Ireland in the Tribes Basic Course (BOC)

Weekly Tribes 2016 November: Kindness Holiday Calendar

It is almost December, so here is a clever and compassionate way to involve students and family. http://www.simplemost.com/spread-holiday-cheer-random-acts-kindness-calendar/ You might have your students each take a day and write a suggestion for the class to do, or include drawings, rather than words; some may want to make a calendar of activities or appreciations for their […]

Weekly Tribes November 2016: A Wish Jar

Wish Jar This comes from Aine, a teacher in Ireland and a current student in the Tribes BOC (Basic Online Course) We created a dream jar where they wrote their dreams and put it in a Roald Dahl BFG style jar. They had the choice to share it or tie it with a string and […]

Weekly Tribes October 2016: Pay it Forward

  This comes from Brad Corbett, a teacher at Forest Trail Elementary in Austin, TX. A four minute video to provoke discussion and inspiration for small gestures.  Can’t get enough of this kind of action – it never gets old!

Weekly Tribes October 2016: Class Dojo

  This link comes from Aoife, a student in the current BOC (Basic Online Course).  Aoife lives and teaches in Ireland. The series of growth mindset developed by Class Dojo has really lovely engaging ideas that promote teamwork, collaboration and ties in nicely with the Tribe agreements.

Weekly Tribes October 2016: Emotional Intelligence

  This comes from Eimear, a student in the current Tribes BOC (basic online course).  She teaches 2nd grade in Ireland.  This link will take you to a blog.  Scroll down the the ‘staff pick’ video The Present. Enjoy the 4 minute video and the opportunity for all kinds of reflection about then agreements, influence, and […]

Weekly Tribes October 2016: Teach Like This

  Click on this link: Teach Like This Lots of 1 – 3 minute videos on good teaching, instructional practices and strategies.  You will see some Tribes-like support here!