Weekly Tribes 2018: Alike

This short film (8 minutes) comes to you from Nicole, a former student of the Tribes Basic Online Course. It is ‘inspiring’ on several different levels…at least to me.  It reminds me that not all humans are alike, and more importantly, neither should be our assignments or evaluations of students. So, how about something different […]

Weekly Tribes 2018: Pass the Beat Around the Room

Watch this ‘instructional’ video (2 and a half minutes), and add your own challenges or ideas. The facilitator mentions how you can use this for spelling.  Likely, you can think of ways to use it for language development, sequencing, learning facts, and math operations. Whatever the agenda, this energizer requires focus and attention – two […]

Weekly Tribes 2018: Make it Great

…and what better way than seeing Tribes featured in an Edutopia article, lest we forget the power of positivity!

Weekly Tribes 2017-2018: Color Your World with Kindness

This 2 minute video comes from Mila, a teacher in Kuwait and current student in the Tribes Basic Online Course (BOC). Not only is it a good visual for younger students, it is also mindful or giving a gift that costs nothing. Tis the season.

Weekly Tribes: 2017-2018: “nrich” math

This is from Carrie, a teacher and current student in the Tribes Basic Online Course (BOC). I am a math specialist and regularly get tasks from a fantastic website “nrich” from University of Cambridge. They have a number of great “team-building” tasks where students have to problem solve in a group. The great part is […]

Weekly Tribes 2017-2018: Tribes isn’t a program…

Steve Thune, a teacher in Iowa, recently sent this letter to tribes@tribes.com and it is definitely worth the read.  This time of year can get pretty busy and maybe you want to take a moment to read and reflect on your own ‘Tribes Trail’, and all that you do for your students, just by modeling […]

Weekly Tribes 2017-2018: Holiday Countdown

I believe I captured this from Facebook a while back.  Basically it is billed as a ‘Reverse Advent Calendar’ – but call it what you wish: Start with an empty box (you will likely need more than one).  Each day, something is added to the box – food, gift, toy, book, etc.  The last day […]

Weekly Tribes 2017 – 2018: 1-2-4-All

This is a quick reflective practice strategy: 1/2/4 all: first one minute for yourself, then share with someone, then pair up and share and then one person of the four shares with the group.

Weekly Tribes 2017-2018: Circles

This particular link (submitted by Terry, a former student in the Tribes Basic Online Course) is 4 minutes of affirmation and information on why and how meeting in a community circle can change everything.  Notice there are several other great links to learn more about Restorative Circles. It is never too late to implement a community […]

Weekly Tribes 2017-2018: Power of Positivity

It’s October, and a time for the stage of ‘Influence’.  How we influence one another, and are influenced by what and who surrounds us. This one minute video gives a perspective and reminder of what we do, or not, to create positivity in our lives. Reflect. Appreciate. Be kind.