Weekly Tribes 2015: Community Guess Who?

You may know the ‘game’. Write a person, thing, or familiar idea or concept on a little card, give it to someone, have them hold it up to their forehead so they can’t see it and then have them ask questions to determine the correct answer. (Example: If I were holding the card to my forehead I might ask…Am I a person? Am I male? Am I famous? Am I older than 50? Have any of you met me in person?)

This can be done with one person at the front of the class, or in small groups where everyone writes a card, they pass the cards, and have a group discussion all at once (taking turns and listening attentively of course) to guess the various answers.

Want to gauge how well you have achieved ‘community’? Use a person in your class – put his/her name on the card!