Tribes Learning Experiences for the First Two Weeks of School.

These are some suggested strategies to use each day, throughout the day.  Page numbers are provided (DG = Discovering Gifts in Middle School, EA = Engaging All by Creating High School Learning Communities)

Several strategies are suggested for each day; they provide for inclusion on a personal level as well as an opportunity to use some academic content.  This is just a suggested line-up; feel free to mix around, repeat, or look in your book for other options.  The strategies suggested are both inclusion and influence-based.

Not all strategies are in all three books.  Use the “Contact CenterSource” box for more information.

REFLECTION is essential!  If you start the year with a personable, enjoyable experience for your students, you must also be consistent with reflection on each strategy.  Otherwise, you are just playing games or doing fun stuff.  Make it your goal to ask a content (learning), a collaborative (agreements), and a personal question in your reflection.  For the energizers suggested in the following tables, the opportunity to reflect (tell) to the students how well they solved problems, honored agreements, were totally focused on the task, etc. is noted.

The first two weeks of school Learning Experience is available in PDF format by clicking on the link below.

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