Historical People Poems

TITLE:  Historical People Poems

GRADE:  4 – 8

MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED:  Technology!?  This learning experience is all about desktop publishing, graphic design, accessing the www.  40 minutes – several days, depending on the grade level, level of difficulty

PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION – A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy: Ask students, “When I say ‘name poem’, what comes to mind?”  Follow this with a discussion of how a simple name poem might be expanded…beyond just words or phrases, incorporating graphics, primary sources(?!), facts, opinions, etc.


Content Standard:  (5th grade example): Describe the views, lives, and impact of key individuals during this period (e.g., King George III, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams).

Collaborative:  Working together on tasks. Solving problems creatively

Personal: Reflecting on experience

IDENTIFY THE STRATEGY:  What’s in a Name?  Follow as written; if using technology, add some requirements that allow students to learn about graphic design, citing sources, accessing information, etc.  This can be as simple or complex as you make it!


Content:  How was this assignment easy?  Difficult?  What did you learn?  Compare and contrast your poem to others.

Collaborative/social:  Describe your interaction with others during this assignment,  What social skills did you use?  How did the agreements fit in?  What is the ‘relationship’ between mutual respect and internet?

Personal:  What did you like about this ‘student-centered learning’, where you had a few guidelines and a wide open opportunity?


AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT:  have students evaluate (grade) their own work, justifying in terms of content, conventions, creativity


Group Development Process

►Cognitive Theory

►Multiple Intelligences

Cooperative Learning


Reflective Practice

►Authentic Assessment