Noun or Verb?

TITLE:  Noun or Verb?  Venn Diagram            Adapted from Beyond Monet (Barrie Bennett and Carol Rolheiser)

GRADE: 4 – 7

MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED:  Paper for Venn diagram (11 x 17 is a good size), 30 – 40 minutes

PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION – A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy:  Can you tell the difference between a noun and a verb?  Is it possible to be both?


Content Standard: Written and Oral Language Conventions: Grammar

Collaborative:  work together on tasks; reflect on experience; participate fully

Personal:  appreciate others, experience learning is fun


Put students in groups of three or four.  Identify one student in each group to leave the room and go outside and collect five objects.  (Have a little discussion about what objects are appropriate to pick up and what are best left alone; put a size limit on the objects, as well as a time limit, and, of course, define boundaries outside!)  While students are outside collecting, have the ones who remain draw a Venn diagram and label it….noun, verb, both, neither

Note:  Don’t let the “perfect circle” undo your activity!  Allow students to draw ANY shapes for the Venn diagram, as long as they overlap significantly.

When the “outsiders” return, have each group label the objects and then place them where they think they belong.

You will see, and students will, as well, that many, if not all, of the objects will fit in the “both” category!

Example:  “stick”, “branch”, “litter”, “rock”…all can be both a noun and a verb.


Content:  What did you learn?  How will this help you to understand nouns and/or verbs?  How will this now influence you?

Collaborative/Social:  How well did your group work together?  How did you handle disagreement?  How well did you practice mutual respect?

Personal:  What did you like about this activity?  How was learning … fun?

PROVIDE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR APPRECIATION:  Invite statements in groups as well as in full community

AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT:  Have each student choose an object form the group Venn diagram and write two sentences:  one sentence where the object is a noun and the other sentence where the object is used as a verb.


Group Development Process

Cognitive Theory

Multiple Intelligences

►Cooperative Learning


►Reflective Practice

►Authentic Assessment