Why Study History?

TITLE:  Why Study History?

GRADE:  4 – 7

MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED:  construction paper or card stock, cut into 4 ¼ x 11 strips, markers; 30 – 40 minutes

PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION – A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy:  Ask students, what would our life be like if there were no maps?


Content Standard:  Choose one or several from your state grade level standards

Collaborative:  think constructively

Personal:  relate personal experience; envision the future, connect to prior experience


Have a brief discussion about what topic you are about to study, or use this strategy at the beginning of the school year.  Discuss why learning about _____ is important; imagine what life would be like without this knowledge.  Have students design a bumper sticker that captures/conveys a message that answers the question ‘why study______?’


Content:  Did this sound easier than it actually was?  How?  What did you learn?  Were the bumper stickers that were shared mostly similar…or different?  Which message did you like?

Collaborative:  Even though this was an individual assignment – how did we collaborate?

Which collaborative skill did you use?

Personal:  How did you feel about this?  Why do you think I assigned this?  Is it a good way to assess understanding of a topic?  How?

PROVIDE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR APPRECIATION:  Invite statements, model appreciations for what was shared during reflection.

AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT:  The end product is the authentic assessment!


Group Development Process

►Cognitive Theory

Multiple Intelligences

Cooperative Learning


Reflective Practice

►Authentic Assessment