American Revolution Live Wire

Title American Revolution Live Wire

Grade 5 or 8

Materials / Time Required
24″ bendable wire that holds it shape; 1 piece per student

Provide For Inclusion –
A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy Think-pair-share or invite statements in full community: What has been a high point in your day/week/year? How has that high point changed your life…? Could the same be said for low points?

Content Standard Objective
Grade 5: Students understand the course and consequences of the American Revolution
Grade 8: Describe critical developments and events in the war, including the major battles


Collaborative Objective
Students value diversity of ideas, think constructively, and assess improvement
Personal Students share and appreciate different points of view.

Identify the Strategy Live Wire:
Have each student use the wire to make a line graph of the events, depending on the objective.

Then share the explanation of the wire in small groups.

Finally, have students fix wire to paper and then label the high and low points, with explanation as to why, as well as consequences.

What did you learn?
How did sharing help your understanding?
How did making this a visual assignment, before a written assignment help your understanding? How well did it engage you?
How did you approach differences of opinions?
How well did you follow (honor) the agreements?
What did you like about this experience?

Provide an Opportunity for Appreciation invite statements

Authentic Assessment Written description of the wire can be submitted for evaluation

Group Development Process
Multiple Intelligences
Authentic Assessment