Staff meeting: assessment

TITLE:  Staff meeting on Assessment                                      AUTHOR:  Brian Jones

GRADE: staff

MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED:  Assessment books (Grade books); 30 minutes

PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION – A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy: Community Circle on defining “Assessment” (or ‘grades’)


Content Standard: Staff is asked to bring evidence in their assessment (grade) book of :

1) Assessment for learning

2) Assessment of learning

3) Assessment vs evaluation mark (grades)

Collaborative: mutual respect, attentive listening

Personal: risk-taking and empathy

IDENTIFY THE STRATEGY: What’s in Your Wallet?  (in this case, What’s in Your Assessment Book?)

In Staff tribes, each participant has an opportunity to share (What’s in their assessement book) under the three collected evidence areas.


A) What did we have in common in the collected evidence.

B) Set a goal for yourself to accomplish, related to assessment, before our next staff meeting. (AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT)

C) How will your practice change?

PROVIDE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR APPRECIATION:  Invite statements:  What new idea did you gain from a colleague and appreciate their contribution


►Group Development Process

Cognitive Theory

Multiple Intelligences

►Cooperative Learning


►Reflective Practice

Authentic Assessment