Wordle Agreements

Submitted by Matt Cole

Students Use Technology to Show Their Understanding of TRIBES

Students from Kirsten Carey’s 3rd grade class worked with Jean Etzel in the Primary School Computer Lab to reflect on what the TRIBES name means to them.  Using the free website www.wordle.net, students entered in words that conveyed their understanding of TRIBES.  The size of each word indicates how important it is to describing TRIBES.  Students were also able to use colors and fonts to create a design to show their thinking.

During a recent conversation with these students, they shared many wonderful connections to TRIBES.  Students indicated that TRIBES:

  • helps you solve your problems
  • helps you express your feelings
  • helps you know when to apologize
  • helps you be able to learn better
  • makes you feel more happy
  • makes you come together like a family
  • makes you not want to be a bucket scooper

This last bullet – bucket scooper – came with an in depth description of how we can either add to someone’s bucket by giving appreciations and thank yous or scoop into someone’s bucket when you use put downs or say mean things.

The work below continues to represent just one of many wonderful examples of teachers and students integrating the TRIBES approach into their daily interactions.  I appreciate the creative energy and commitment Ms. Carey, Mrs. Etzel, and all their students put into realizing our mission to both achieve and thrive in our changing world.