Here is a starter list of creative, and fun ways to appreciate.

Please send in your additions!

Fantastic: Squirt three times, then wipe and say “Fantastic!”

Attitude: One hand on hip, one hand snaps while you say “You go! [girl or boy]”

Apple Polisher: Hold apple in hand, then rub on shirt

7-7-3-3: Clap 7x, clap 7x, clap 3x, clap 3x…”uh, uh, ah!”

Donkey: Fingers up like donkey ears.  “We-ah, we-ah, we-ah did a good job!”

Tree-mendous: Arms grow up like a tree and say, “Tree-mendous!”

Cool: C with one hand, 2 eyes, L with the other hand

Cell Phone: “Can you hear me now?  Can you hear me now?  Good!”

Silent Scream: Screaming face with no sound

Seal Clap: Hands like a seal and ‘bark’

Elvis: Strum a guitar while saying “Thankyou, Thankyouverymuch”