Make your own “Important Book”

Submitted by Vicki McKenna

TITLE:  Make your own Important Book

GRADE: K – 5; use peer tutors/buddies;  This can be easily adapted for any subject/topic to review key concepts.  (Math – number properties; Science – parts of…; Social Studies – geographical features)

MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED:  The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown and Leonard Weisgard; 50-60 minutes; paper, colored pencils/pens.  To incorporate technology, use computer and a ‘publisher’ or PowerPoint program to create pages.

PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION – A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy: What does “important” mean to you?  What is important to you, here at school or in this classroom?

IDENTIFY THE OBJECTIVES: Students review and understand vocabulary; work together to create a book page; have an opportunity for purposeful talk and sharing feelings

IDENTIFY THE STRATEGY: Two on a Crayon  (Reaching All…p. 361)

Read The Important Book to the class.  When done, discuss the repetition they heard.  Set purpose:  Explain that you are going to read it again and they can join in.  then they will be creating their own “important page” with their buddy.  Read again allowing children to join in.  Model on chart paper what’s important to you.


REFLECTION:  Which agreement was important in this activity?  Why?  How?  How did you divide the work in creating your page?  Why was it important for two of you to make one page?  What do you like about the book we created?

AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT:  During the activity, stop and allow students to look at each other’s work (page) and provide feedback and/or ask clarifying questions.

►Group Development Process

►Cognitive Theory

Multiple Intelligences

►Cooperative Learning


►Reflective Practice

Authentic Assessment