Teaching Listening

Submitted by Vicki McKenna

TITLE:  Teaching Attentive Listening

GRADE: 3 – 4

–    MATERIALS/TIME REQUIRED: “My Lucky Day” or “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs”

–    Pipe Cleaners

–    50-60 minutes

PROVIDE FOR INCLUSION – A You Question, Energizer, or Linking Strategy: What’s your favourite fairy tale?

IDENTIFY THE OBJECTIVES: Provide Opportunity for purposeful talk and to share feelings. Building inclusion, attentive listening


Set Purpose: Tell them that today we will be focusing on the characters feelings in the story. We will be plotting the characters feelings on a pipe cleaner and then sharing our thoughts (“live wire” pg. 272) with our buddies in an attentive listening triad.

Teacher Model’s how to use the pipe cleaner with an event that has happened to them.

Read story through once modeling out loud how the characters feelings have started to change.

Hand out the pipe cleaners and read story again explaining that they can move their pipe cleaner throughout the story as the characters feelings change. (Older buddy can be the pig, younger buddy can be the fox- or they can work on one together)

Then use the strategy “Teaching Listening” for students to share their pipe cleaners and what they represent

PROVIDE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR APPRECIATION: Thank your buddy for sharing and showing attentive listening  (Use “appreciation actions”  [see ‘Appreciations” TLE on this site]

–    REFLECTION: Why is listening such an important skill? How did the character’s feelings change throughout the story?

–    How did Attentive Listening help you understand the story? Did this activity help you to understand the main character in the story?

–    How did you know your buddy was showing you attentive listening?

AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT: Students can record in their buddy journal their favourite character in the story and why

Group Development Process

►Cognitive Theory

Multiple Intelligences

►Cooperative Learning


►Reflective Practice

Authentic Assessment