Weekly Tribes – A “JOY” Date

The strategy is “JOY”…but with numbers.

Take the date (1/3/11) and turn it into some personal sharing, or some content review/preview.  Do the first two numbers in pairs or triads, and the last one in a small group, so students can brainstorm and/or work together.

Here are some examples:

Personal – 1 thing you hope will not change about you or your life (because it is so great!)

3 positive words that describe your vacation

11 ways you can let someone know they are appreciated

Content Preview – 1 thing you would like to know about (topic)

3 words that you’re pretty sure don’t have anything to do with  (topic)

11 words that you think do have something to do with (topic)

Content Review – 1 lesson or activity that really helped you learn (topic)

3 questions that should be on a quiz about (topic)

11 – pick any 11 letters of the alphabet and write a word/phrase that starts with each letter, pertaining to (topic)

Use any date…and have fun coming up with the number descriptions – if this is something your students enjoy, next time let them come up with the number descriptions.

Don’t forget to REFLECT!!!