Weekly Tribes – Bumper Sticker

Follow as written, just for some fun inclusion, or use one of these twists:
* Make it current event-related and write the explanation/opinion/summary/elaboration on the back
* Use a vocabulary word and the bumper sticker is a synonym for the word, using only 5-6 characters
* Choose a person of interest, literary character, historical figure…and make a bumper sticker to describe him/her…can also employ using the back for details/explanation
* Make the bumper sticker on a sentence strip…and the sentence is some “good advice for living” – post around the school or classroom
* Make a bumper sticker about a topic or concept – but only pictures or symbols – no letters or numbers allowed
* Use it in place of a quiz…”you can take this quiz, or make a bumper sticker that demonstrates your understanding of….” (VERY multiple intelligence – ey)