Weekly Tribes – Celebrity Sign In

Instead of following as written in your Tribes book, try this twist. Since, by now, you and your students know one another very well, ask your students if anyone does NOT want to be the “celebrity”. If students say so, then, obviously, do not use there names. Then ask for three to five volunteers. Meet with the volunteers in the hall or somewhere outside the classroom. Either ask each to “assume the identity” of a classmate (or you!), or randomly assign each volunteer a classmate to ‘impersonate”. Give the volunteers to help one another confer and share information on each’s new identity, while you return to the class to give some guidelines:
Only yes/no or short answer questions are allowed
The yes/no question canNOT be or the “Is it (name)? This question can only be asked when you (the teacher) gives the signal
Questions must be respectful (no sensational or secret information!) and phrased in the positive. (review agreements!!!)
**Here is a chance to work in some curriculum…use certain vocab words, sentence/grammar structure (ex. – question must be exactly 10 words in length, question must have a word with a “z” in it…), actual content, fact/opinion, literary devices, etc.

BE SURE to review agreements and REFLECT…before, during, after the strategy.

If students enjoy this, it is one that can be done over and over, since it is likely that you have more than 3 -5 students in your class.