Weekly Tribes – Chain Reaction

This is a pretty simple strategy (in all Tribes books) – great for new groups to build inclusion, as the questions can be targeted for personal information…or just as effective for review; the questions are designed for comprehension or higher order thinking skills.

Basically, have students in tribes or groups and one person asks a question of another, that person answers and then develops a new question and asks another student…and so on.  This can be done by simply going around the group (several rounds) or students can specifically ask one another, making sure all get a turn, or students can ask and choose from volunteers for the answer; the volunteer who correctly answers would then develop the net question.

It might be a good idea to have questions already generated (either from the teacher, or students, or both) to keep the activity on task and focused on topic.

10 -15 minutes at most…throw in a written response to be handed in, to keep the level of indiviual accountability up.