Weekly Tribes – Focusing on What We Have

This is a variation of a strategy in the high school Tribes book (Engaging All in High School Learning Communities). The title of the strategy is “Focusing on our strengths”; in light of the time of year, economy, and attention to consumer-ism and commercial-ism…here is a variation of the strategy you may wish to consider before you leave for your “winter break” from school.

Review the agreements.
Invite students to write down three things they have (can be tangible or intangible).
Depending on the age or attitudes of your students, you may want to model some suggestions first.
Invite sharing in community circle, or have students share in various groups and then come to the community circle for more sharing.

Content: Why is it important to acknowledge what you have, vs. what you want? What did you find in common with others?
Collaborative: How did you help make this activity successful and respectful?
Personal: What did you discover about yourself? others?

Invite statements of appreciation.