Weekly Tribes – Getting to Know You

People select, or are randomly assigned partners. Taking turns, they each take one minute to tell each other about themselves. (If your class has already developed quite a bit of inclusion, then insert content instead of personal information…or use a mixture of both: 2 things about yourself and one fact about… and one opinion about…). Be sure to use a timer. At the end of the time allowed, the pair turns about, and standing back-to-back, they describe what the other is wearing, color of eyes, hair style, jewelry, etc.
REFLECT with discussion about observations, differing perceptions, remembering details, etc.
Another application, or if you want to increase the challenge, use groups larger than two.
When in doubt, ask the students how to make it more meaningful, challenging, fun, etc.

Use at a staff meeting for some quick discussion about a topic that is coming up in the meeting.