Weekly Tribes – JOY

Use the strategy “JOY” but substitute the initials for any month, any other three or four letter word that might be pertinent to the content you are studying, or any ‘date’.

Here are two examples:


D – something you have Done for another person that was generous, helpful, positive

E – an Example of (insert your own content here) an adverb…personification….a prime number….a Renaissance person….a magnetic/non magnetic substance….

C – if you Could visit somewhere is place or time, where would you go?

The possibilities are endless. Be sure to choose a mixture of personal info and academic content to keep it inviting and participatory. Also, responses should be wide open (many answers), and notice that there is NO explanation…that is, you want the responses to be a STATEMENT, not a “paragraph”

Take the date (1/3/11) and turn it into some personal sharing, or some content review/preview.  Do the first two numbers in pairs or triads, and the last one in a small group, so students can brainstorm and/or work together.

Here are some examples:

Personal – 1 thing you hope will not change about you or your life (because it is so great!)

3 positive words that describe your vacation

11 ways you can let someone know they are appreciated

Content Preview – 1 thing you would like to know about (topic)

3 words that you’re pretty sure don’t have anything to do with  (topic)

11 words that you think do have something to do with (topic)

Content Review – 1 lesson or activity that really helped you learn (topic)

3 questions that should be on a quiz about (topic)

11 – pick any 11 letters of the alphabet and write a word/phrase that starts with each letter, pertaining to (topic)

Use any date…and have fun coming up with the number descriptions – if this is something your students enjoy, next time let them come up with the number

Reflect at the end, including any clarification, correction, critique (not to be confused with criticism)