Weekly Tribes – Knots

This is an energizer that is fun, yet influential! It is also about problem solving and sticking with something, even when it seems impossible. Sound like maybe you can use it for a pre-testing energizer? Or, use it just to reflect to your class that they are, in fact, great problem solvers when they cooperate and don’t give up easily.
Follow the directions in the book, but be mindful to remind students that their hands are loose and moveable (a demonstration of how NOT to twist off someone’s hand is a good idea.) Use groups of four for younger students, and groups of up to 8 for older students. The more people in the group, the harder the knot. When one group finishes, have them do it again with out talking, or with their eyes closed, so all groups will have a chance to finish.
What did you learn about yourself? Were you helpful or hindering? How/Why? (Don’t forget to reflect the good behaviors that YOU observed). What are some “knots” you experience in life?