Weekly Tribes – One for me, one for you

This is a quick strategy to share information, review, summarize, or assess.  It’s also good for staff meetings.

Use Post-it notes.

Give each student/participant a post-it.

Have each write a statement on the notes; the same statement must be written on each note.

Keep one note and put it in a safe place.

Take the other note and get ready to move and talk… students take turns reading the note to one another in pairs or triads; then they exchange notes and move on to a new pair or triad. Now students are reading and exchanging notes they did not write. After three or four exchanges, students return to their seats/places and add the “new” note to the one they wrote.

Here is a simple example: Math class: students write an example of a fraction/decimal equivalent.


What did you learn?

If all the notes have similar statements, what does that indicate?

How did you value different opinions/information?

Note: as an assessment, this can be very telling as to the effectiveness of your lesson…if all students write the same thing, or if there are many incorrect examples…now you know what needs to be done!?

The strategy can also be a transition for…writing a paragraph (exchange good starter sentences), equations to solve, vocabulary review, etc.

“Give one, Get one” is a Kagan strategy similar to this.