Weekly Tribes – Open Forum

This is good for community circle, pairs, triads, or tribes. Check out the topics in the book, or use any of these suggestions:
Why do we need ‘rules’ for play (as in playground)?
How often do you use ‘numbers’ in your day (give examples of the need to know/use number value)?
What is the purpose of homework?
Why is reading an important skill to learn?
What would you change about the way things are in the world?
Why are dreams important
Or, make your own (obviously, these questions are too elaborate for those younger students…)
Keep it short and sweet. Make it a journal entry, practice writing a sentence using a semicolon, incorporate spelling or vocabulary words, even use it with “Milling to Music”
How well did you practice “mutual respect”?
What similarities did you hear?
What surprised you?
What was the purpose for doing this?
How did you acknowledge or appreciate one another?
What did you like about this?
What questions would you suggest for next time?