Weekly Tribes – Reflective Practice

Here are some quick and useful strategies to get more reflection in your day…for both you and your students:

1) Two truths and a lie – have students write on a slip of paper and it is their “ticket out” to recess, next class, home. Modify with “one truth, one lie”…or just “one thing for sure…”

2) “That’s Me” – make some statements that are academic and ask students who respond with “that’s me” or a hand in the air, to explain. If no one stands or raises a hand, then … that tells you something!

3) Milling to Music (or just milling…) – have students group in various configurations and talk about what they learned, how they feel, etc. Then turn it into a writing prompt, graphic organizer, assignment, etc.

4) Changes – after you do the energizer, as written in the Tribes book, do it in written form…to review equations, grammar, historical facts, geography, etc. Students spot the “change”, or “mistake”

5) I like my neighbor – use prepared content questions – or better yet, have students write the questions.

6) At the end of the day, take a moment and everyone write down, or share, or just think about one thing they did well, and something they want to do less of…this one is good for the teacher, too!

Remember, if you don’t reflect, you miss important opportunities to learn and grow.