Weekly Tribes – Six Degrees of Uncle Ed

“6 degrees of Uncle Ed”
This is a variation of the “6 degrees of separation” or the “Kevin Bacon game”, named “6 degrees of Uncle Ed” by a trainer in Canada.
This can be done in community circle, or in small groups (tribes).
Basically, you start by describing something – like what you know about a subject, a person, a concept…and when someone in the circle or group has something in common with what you are saying, he/she raises his/her hand and then, once called on by the speaker, he/she continues for at least one sentence before the next person with a raised hand is called upon. This might go quickly or can take quite a bit of time, depending on how it is facilitated. It is interesting to see what direction it takes…at first try, it will likely stay with the topic, but after a few experiences, it can get wild…a variation of “Creative Storytelling” in your Tribes book. Naturally, a little writing exercise after the verbal sharing is a logical next step for incorporation of curriculum. for those multiple intelligences, a venn diagram, a poem, a graph (plot map of sorts), or a mind map of connections between people/sharing would definitely be more of a deeper reflective practice.

For younger students, it may go better with a community circle and a more concrete theme. For example: ” If I were going on a long trip away from home I would take….. Now raise your hand if you can say something about what you would…”(choose topic…and this can change, at facilitator’s discretion)

What direction did our sharing take – did we stay on topic or did we change topics?
How did that affect the sharing in the group?
What do you know now, that you didn’t know before?
What similarities did you notice?
How did this sharing make us more of a learning community?
What agreement did we have to pracitce for this to be a success?
How many times could you have shared something in common?
Would you like to do this in smaller groups?