Weekly Tribes – Slip Game

This strategy can be as simple or challenging, personal or content specific…as you make it!
I suggest making your own list of at least 10 or so questions, and add to those suggested in the book. Especially for middle and high school, you will want to raise the bar. Make the questions fun, as well as challenging. Students can pass the bag and pull out a slip, trade slips, pass slips, whatever works!
Here are spme suggestions for the middle/high school level:
If you woke up tomorrow and your hair was a different color, and could not be changed back within 24 hours…what color would you want it to be, and how would your new hair color change your life?
What you do if you found a bag full of money and a note inside it that said “it’s yours! use it wisely.”? What would you do with it?
What would the world be like if the vice president was a teenager?
Who are some famous “bullies”?
Why / how is the “right to pass” important in democracy?
What do you value more, integrity or tenacity?
What is one thing you would do to improve the culture of this school?
(And don’t forget the content questions for review!)
You just did! The “Slip Game” can BE your reflective practice!

Use content questions to preview/review…This can also be orchestrated as a pre-writing activity.

And yes, you can use it for ‘test prep’ for the annual event

Use small groups for more discussion, group projects, etc.