Weekly Tribes – Three Words

Have students each write three sentences…about themselves, or about the topic of study, or a combination of both.  This is an example from a Veteran’s Day topic, but any subject matter can be used.

Next have students underline or circle a word in each sentence that is not the topic, nor any words that are nondescript (the, a, an…)

Here is an example:

I have been to the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, DC.

My favorite food is fresh baked bread with lots of butter.

There are six states in the U.S. that have one million or more veterans; California is one of them.

Have students in small groups each share their three words ( in this case ‘wall, fresh, and states’)

The listeners get to choose one or two words, of the three; the speaker then tells the sentence for the selected words, and may briefly give more details, if necessary.