Weekly Tribes – What’s the Tint of Your Glasses?

It’s probably time for a little inclusion on the side of influence right about now?  This strategy will deepen understanding and inclusion, and challenge those who want to be noticed.

Follow as written, page 374 (“Discovering Gifts…” p. 380 and “Engaging All…” p. 468  ).  You can add some challenge by having students write down some opposite points of view.  For example, instead of writing or depicting “what language do you parents speak…”  have students answer “what would be the hardest thing about being in a place where no one spoke your language?…what would be the easiest thing…?”  By having students envision, think about and respond to questions NOT about them, but definitely about others, can deepen social skills, increase self-discipline and self control, and be an opportunity for meaningful participation.

Share in various groups of 2 or 3.  Remember to keep those (small) groups random and not all students’ choice!  REFLECTION here is key and there are some good questions at the end of the strategy in your book.