Weekly Tribes – Inclusion by the Numbers

Here is a fun way to build inclusion and do some constructive thinking with numbers. It can be simple or complex, depending on the age/grade of your students.

Pick a number and give two choices – one of which is true


#1 – Is it the number of siblings I have, or the number of pets I have?

# 8 – Is it the date of my birth month, or my bed time?

#24 – Is it my waist size, or one of my favorite TV shows?

As you can see, this one can be fun for the teacher as well as the students to create and share. Like “Two truths and a lie”, it can have a long ‘shelf life’ if you share a student a day.

Add some content and challenge your students to see and use patterns in what they are studying…

#3 – Is it the amendment to the Constitution commonly known as ‘free speech’ or it is the Article of the US Constitution that addresses Judicial Power?

#16 – Is it a multiple of 3 or 4?

#10 – Is it Neon or is it the number of Noble Gases on the periodic table?

This comes to you from a teacher at a high school in Hawaii, as told to me.