Weekly Tribes – More Reflective Practice

Are you?
Perhaps you need a reminder or a refresher…ideas and importance of reflection on learning.
Here are ten:
1) Before you begin the lesson/activity, tell students a question you will ask when the lesson/activity is over.
2) Give extra credit to students who ASK reflection questions.
3) Tally the reflection questions each day (or have a student do it)
4) Use think-pair-share at the beginning of each day, and at the end of each day (same partner); have students in different partners each day
5) Keep and post a list of ways to reflect, so students can choose (journal, two truths and a lie, ‘ticket out the door’, key word, thumbs up/down, etc)
6) Choose/appoint a student to remind you to reflect each day!
7) Present the “impact of group processing” to your students
8) Use post-it notes – on desks, to post as they leave, to collect mid-lesson, etc.
9) Use choral response (don’t wear this one out)
10) Make time. Allow x number of minutes each day just for reflection…