Weekly Tribes – Your Brain on Tribes

Shauna T., a high school teacher and Tribes TLC trainer in the Central Oahu School District, uses this in her classroom. By stating a short phrase with some attitude and some truth behind it, she gives her students a chance to express some humor, a voice for success and/or a sense of belonging, and a quick energizing moment.

Have students turn to a partner and make a statement, either suggested by the teacher (recommended at first), or from their practiced “repertoire”.

This comes from (I think) Eric Jensen and his various presentations on the brain and activating learning.

Some suggested phrases are:

“Dang, I look good today!”
“Ms. _____ is the best teacher EVER!”
“I am gonna ACE this test!”
“I am SO good at this!”

…you get the idea.

Break up the usual in your classroom, and empower your students’ brains.