Grouping Students with ‘Line-up’

Line-up is a great way to organize or group students.  It can be done silently or with words.

These suggestions come from Steve Kahl, GATE Coordinator at Mountain View High School.  He presented at the National ASCD conference.  I was lucky enough to be at his session this past weekend.

Use small index cards or small pieces of paper.
Have individuals write answers and then group alphabetically, or numerically.  Participants walk around showing their answers (if you want it to be done silently) or can share their answers (if you don’t want it to be silent).
  • If you were stranded on a desert island, what movie, TV show or music CD would would want to have?
  • A profession you wanted to pursue when you were six years old
  • A name you would have given yourself (as a child)
  • A famous person you would like to dine with
  • An animal you wouldn’t mind being
  • A year you would like to visit
  • A virtue that you wish to be recognized for
  • A word you like
  • What your first job paid…by the hour
  • Someone you would consider changing lives with for a day
  • Now that your brain is triggered, you can probably think of at least ten more ways to use a line-up!

    As always, be sure to reflect on the learning, the process, and what worked well.