Weekly Tribes – Reflection Reminders


Are you?  When?  How?  Are you students actively engaged in reflection and perhaps even leading some reflective practice from time to time?

Remember, the act of reflection dramatically improves learning and long term cerebral cortex involvement.

Here are ten suggestions:

  • Tell students what or why you are doing or structuring your teaching/lessons, before you begin the lesson
  • Tell students what you will be asking about the upcoming lesson at the end, or later, in the lesson (or day)
  • Use the strategy think-pair-share to involve EVERY student in reflection, not just those waving their hands in the air…
  • Ask students what YOU learned, as the teacher, in observing what students were doing or how they were interacting during the lesson
  • Invite students to come up with some good reflection questions or observations
  • Use post-it notes for reflective practice and/or a ‘ticket out the door’
  • Appoint a student each day or week to remind you to reflect – reflection can be done at ANY time during the day or lesson!
  • Allow students to ‘rate’ your teaching / lesson, in terms of what they would suggest or improve and what they would keep the same
  • Give students the opportunity to keep a reflective journal as part of their portfolio (if you do this for authentic assessment)
  • Schedule 5 minutes into your class period for reflective practice and/or appreciation statements
If you have more good ideas to share, please do!  You can send them to tribes@tribes.com or post them on the Tribes Learning Communities fb page.