Weekly Tribes 2011 -Somebody-wanted-but-so


This one comes from a variety of sources, and a good description (along with some feedback) can be found at www.31daygame.net  (cooperative learning experiences)

It is a writing strategy, but could also be applied to the agreements, to allow for a deeper understanding or application.  Have students compose personal statements, or agreements statements, in pairs and then share with the full group.


The frustrated girl wanted to yell at her mom, but she remembered what she learned about I-messages, so she tried an I-message and her mom apologized!

I have always wanted to visit the Middle Ages, but there isn’t a time machine, so I will have to study about it instead.

Remember, this time of the school year (in North America) is still the opportune time for the facilitator to be creating groups, so that all may successfully work together before student choice enters the equation.