Weekly Tribes – What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

Also known as a ‘name poem’, this is where a name is written vertically, with each letter of the name the start of a word or phrase that describe the person or topic of the poem.  This strategy is great for inclusion, but it is even more useful as an authentic assessment…with lots of critical thinking, depending on how clever the the qualifications/instructions are.

Here are two examples, one simple, and one more complex:

Simple:  Use student names; write three adjective or a three word phrase for each letter

Complex:  Use title of book; information must be in sequential order, using [provided list of] vocabulary words and one personal insight or opinion, at least six words of description for each letter.

For more multiple intelligence application, encourage visual additions, various layouts using computer programs, and/or interactive presentations and sharing of the completed product.

You could even use the agreements as the subject of the ‘poem’ for better understanding and application.  Student-generated renditions of the agreements are almost always more effective than lovely prepared posters.