Weekly Tribes – more Graffiti


Use chart paper, either posted on the wall, or one large piece for each table group of students.  The idea is that with multiple graffiti charts, students respond to multiple/related topics.  The strategy is easily modified for age/grade.

Ask students to respond to a question, either social, emotional or academic.

Here are some examples:

  • words that mean “nice”
  • ways to appreciate others
  • math expressions or equations that equal “4”
  • characteristics we have in common
  • animals that live in groups
  • examples of appositives
  • reasons to study history
  • good ideas for vacations
  • why people bully others

The resulting ‘graffiti’ can be a good topic for discussion, a check for understanding or even an authentic assessment.  It may also be an indicator of mutual respect among your students.

Be sure to reflect on the strategy in terms of learning, participation, and future use…students may have some great ideas for how to extend, adapt, and elaborate.  Good for those visual/spatial intelligences.