Weekly Tribes – Anonymous Appreciations

Anonymous Appreciations

Just did this at a TLC Kids Day for 4th graders.  They liked it.

Brainstorm positive adjectives on board or somewhere visual to all students.

Have students do something in pairs (we did back-to-back drawing to work on communication skills).  When done with the task, each student wrote their partner’s name on a card followed by two adjectives from the brainstorm list.

At the end of the day, appreciation starters were brainstormed/suggested, and written so all students could see:

Did you know that you are…?

I appreciate you for being….when….

I like it when you…..

Thank you for…..

I think it’s great when you….

Cards were randomly re-distributed.   *NOTE: teacher had a look at all cards before re-distribution, to make sure that each card had two appropriate adjectives.

Students wrote a statement of appreciation to the name on the card.  If he/she did not know the student very well (we had two classes mixed together,  40+ students)  there were still two adjectives to use in the statement.

We (teachers) collected all cards and took turns reading aloud to the class.  This went very fast and students really enjoyed hearing what someone anonymously wrote about them.

In the future, maybe students deliver the appreciation statements, in which case it would no longer be anonymous….

Another application would be to do this at a staff meeting, to model…and appreciate!