Weekly Tribes – Spider Web

Spider Web

It is Halloween week in the US, so why not incorporate a little spider web into your classroom.

Here are some possible variations…

  • Instead of yarn, use a can of silly string to “paint” the web…or actually draw or paint it
  • Instead of a whole class or large group, do in small groups and go around 3-4 times
  • Instead of all appreciations, mix it up with “something good in my life”, ” I wish…”, “I learned…” , Fact vs opinion (“I know..I think”)
  • Use it for content – write a (Halloween) story or a persuasive writing sample; each person in the group takes a turn writing a sentence or section…use a large piece of paper and draw the web, then use the drawn web to write the tale. (Students have a chance to talk it through, making the web, before writing it down.)
  • Use the ‘web’ to introduce the world of graphic organizers (google ‘word web graphic organizer’ for lots of ideas).