Weekly Tribes – More Favorite Strategies

Oldies but Goodies

Just a reminder of some productive, positive strategies that may come in handy this time of year, whether you want to address your stage of group development, celebrate what’s right in your community, or remind yourself and/or your students of the democratic classroom…

Something Good – sharing positive statements in community circle at the beginning or end (or any time!) of the day.

Suggestion Circle – giving students a voice in solving problematic or challenging situations.

Snowball I-Messages – reviewing or practicing communication for proactive conflict managment.

Slip Game – responding to fun, funny, or fact-finding statements.  Make your own or ask students to contribute thoughtful questions or statements.

Outlines – using a visual/spatial graphic organizer for note-taking, review, or an authentic assessment.

Dream Quilt – creating a visual representation of the learning community; add a content/subject theme, goals, or symbols to make it more challenging and impressive.