Weekly Tribes – Right Brain or Left Brain?

Right Brain or Left Brain?

When is the last time you designed a learning experience for both?

Students love choices.

Next time you design a learning experience or develop an assignment, give some attention and offer the right and left brain choices.

Keep it simple.

Here are some examples:

Math…Left: do page ___, problems ___ to ___       Right: On page ___, arrange problems ____ to ___ in terms of level of difficulty, and explain why.  Solve any five of the problems.

Spelling…Left: write each word three times and use in a sentence     Right:  draw the outline of each word and write three sentences, using all words in just those three sentences

Writing…Left: write a persuasive paragraph.  Right:  Write a scene in a play where one person persuades the other to do something

Remember, if YOU don’t think outside the box every once in a while, how will ‘they’?