Weekly Tribes – 5 R’s of Influence


This was posted sometime last year, but it’s worth another consideration.

Familiarity, agitation, challenge, comfort, routine…it’s the time of year when students can be most wonderful in their generosity and awareness, and can also be most exasperating in their egocentricity and oblivion.

It’s time for some meaningful participation, AKA influence.

If you don’t have the time for specific strategies, here are a few suggestions for getting your students involved, both effectively and affectively.

1)  Reflect – tell them what you expect or hope…then ask them what YOU learned after teaching the lesson

2)  Relate – choose a student each day as your sounding board, to re-connect with, to be your T.A. (teacher assistant), to appreciate.

3)  Respect – present choices within the daily routine – something as simple as “do we really need to walk in a line, or can we just walk as a group?”, or “this is what I’d like to accomplish in the next 40 minutes; how should we go about doing that?”

4)  Reiterate – Just because it’s mid year, and just because they have been a student for x number of years…doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from hearing what you appreciate, notice, like, hope, want, expect…

5)  Reinforce – support yourself and other teachers by sharing what works, and keeping your conversations positive.

Remember, teachers influence students; you never know when or who it’s going to be.  Trust the process.