Weekly Tribes: end of the year awards

Here are some end-of -the year suggestions:

Awards:  Most schools have some sort of awards ceremony to recognize achievement, citizenship, attendance, etc.  Why not have your students make and present their own awards to each other?!  A simple way to do this is to give each student a name (or 2, or 3) so that everyone is guaranteed an award.  Brainstorm some kids of awards that are meaningful and memorable (sense of humor, kindness, helpful, math wiz, loquaciousness).  Allow students some time, and have a chat about the quality of the product they are going to present.  Set aside a time and place; I always made it a picnic off campus, since it was a celebration and there was a lot of loud applause.

On My Back: Students write appreciations on a paper taped to one another’s backs.

Survey:  Allow students to put in writing…the ‘best’ and ‘but I’ll warn you…” about their year with you.  These surveys are a reflective moment on some things you may want to change, but also can be a great way to start the next year, by having your new students read what the former ones had to say.

Slip Game:  Kind of a survey/reflection/appreciation activity.  You design the questions, write on slips of paper, and put in a bag or container to pass around.  Students draw a question and answer for all to hear.

Create any and many opportunities to reflect and appreciate in the final days of school.