Weekly Tribes 2012 – 2013 September inclusion

Me to We

This strategy is submitted by Sara, a trainer in Alberta, CA.  Sara is a middle school teacher as well.


Brainstorm a list of likes and dislikes so that others are able to see a bit into your personality. Include favorites, pet peeves, interests, sports, hobbies, habits, goals and dreams in your list. Use words, pictures and symbols to narrow your list down to 8 statements about yourself.

 On a piece of 8½ ”x 11” paper, write the word “ME” using some form of creative lettering so that the branches of the ‘M’ and the ‘E’ can be filled in with your 8 statements.

Fold a large sheet of white paper in half. Trace the word ‘ME’ onto the top half of the page.  Using a horizontal line below the word, reflect ‘ME’ into the bottom half of the page, trace the letters onto your large sheet of paper….what do you notice?

Fill in the 8 statements about yourself into the word ‘ME’ at the top of the page.  In your group, find other people that have similar likes and dislikes, favorites, interests, etc. as you and fill in their statements into the branches of the ‘W’ and ‘E’ on the bottom half of your page. (make sure you correctly spell their names). You may not be able to find someone who exactly matches one or more of your statements, but remember, you are looking for people who have ‘similar’ items in their lists.  For example….I may not find anyone whose favorite way to spend their free time is playing with their kids (at least I hope not!!!), but I may find someone who likes to babysit or take care of younger brothers or sisters.

Put the finishing touches on your reflections using color, outlining, background artwork, etc. Remember this project is a reflection of you so use designs, colors, etc. that give us a better understanding of your personality. When complete, there should be very little white paper showing through. The words, statements, pictures and symbols should be clear and easy to see from a distance.  Put your name on the front or back of your poster, whichever you are most comfortable with, as this will be displayed in the classroom for others to see.