Weekly Tribes 2012-2013 September No Put Downs

“Don’t be that guy [girl]!”

Draw an outline of a male and female (big, on poster paper)

Brainstorm on the outlines, things that guys and girls do or say to each other that are put-downs.  (You will definitely have some overlap here.)

Invite students to add to the lists.

Leave up for a few days and when a ‘put down’ is seen or heard, model and empower students to say, “Don’t be that guy/girl!” as a cue for “That was (or sounded like) a put down!”

You, the teacher/facilitator can also use it in the context of “Did that guy/girl sneak in here?…I thought I heard him/her just now.”

Perhaps instead of ‘guy’ or ‘girl’, your, or your students might like to give the imaginary students a real [imaginary] name.