Weekly Tribes – Big Buddies, Little Buddies

This comes from Cathy, a Tribes trainer in Arizona:

Did a great activity with my class (4th/5th graders) and a little buddy K/1 class today. Little buddies traced their big buddy’s hands and then big buddies traced their little buddies hand inside their own on a piece of construction paper. Then they wrote or drew pictures of things they had in common inside and around their hands. Turned out great! We are calling it Children Working Hand in Hand. I had my class create inclusion questions for their little buddies and we reflected afterward just with my class because we didn’t have time for the whole group…. questions being “What did you learn about yourself during this activity?” “How did you help your little buddy stay on task?” Nothing like looking around the room and have 60 kids all immersed for over 40 minutes and it was hard to get them to stop!