Weekly Tribes 2012-2013 September Right To Pass

The Right to Pass can be a tricky agreement for teachers to explain and students to understand.

It is defined as the right to which one chooses to participate.  It is essential for a democratic classroom.  Yet, students will ‘test’ this agreement more often than the others.

Here is a suggestion.

Make a T-chart:  What it is / What it isn’t

You and the students can define the right to pass accordingly.

Then give students some ‘testers’..and let them do the same for you (teacher)

Likely, you will have some ‘testers’ that cannot be easily defined as ‘yes’ or ‘no’…but even so, this will help students to know when to ask, “Do I have the ‘right to pass’?”

As with any valuable and meaningful communication, the ‘right to pass’ will be something that will help both the teacher and the students determine the why, what, and how this important agreement affects learning.

Please post any comments that will help THIS learning community as well!